MoneeMint, soon to be the UK and Europe’s first completely digital ethical bank is proud to announce that it has secured strategic funding from Ground One Ventures, a UK based private investment firm.

MoneeMint aspires to engage the underserved bankable communities across UK & Europe and leverage its state of the art digital banking platform to create new and fresh banking experiences for its customers.

“We are going back to drawing board, looking at each and every aspect of customer current banking journey, the hardship they face and changing it fundamentally from grounds up – giving our customers the freshest banking experience”, said Hassan Waqar, the co-founder of MoneeMint, while unveiling the strategic investment from Ground One Ventures.

MoneeMint’s focus is to be able to deliver financial services which are ethical, transparent and serves the need of the end-customer. It believes in collaborative eco-system where Fintech and Banks can co-exist and deliver superior products at lower costs with a complete fresh perspective. The brand encapsulates the paradigm of bringing fundamentally different experience and feel around its product and services.

The investment will be used to fast-track the technology delivery roadmap while accelerating the go-to-market execution. MoneeMint is currently expected to launch its operation during the first quarter of 2019.

“We are very excited to partner with MoneeMint and to drive this initiative through our technology investment and executive advisory support. At Ground One, we are partnering up with startups across Europe, GCC and ASEAN region and helping passionate entrepreneurs build disruptive businesses”, said Gerry McGowan, Chief Executive at Ground One Ventures.

With the strategic investment undertaken, MoneeMint has constituted a new board of directors and has appointed two senior industry veterans to help steer the organization to success. Raheel Iqbal a seasoned Fintech enabler and investor representing Ground One Ventures and Alpesh Doshi, CEO of Fintricity, leading digital transformation advisory company, have joined the MoneeMint’s new board.