Mambu, the SaaS banking engine powering modern digital financial services, today announced the launch of Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO). An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) built around the core engine, MPO enables clients to rapidly and intuitively compose, run and monitor API-driven and cloud-based processes.

The platform is a natural extension of the Mambu core solution and is specifically designed to support the creation and operation of flexible and innovative banking architectures. MPO uses a visual development environment to provide bespoke business logic, integration management and no-code/low-code process design.

“MPO is the scalable and high performing API-driven alternative to traditional business process management systems,”  says Ben Goldin, CTO, Mambu.  “By increasing Mambu’s capabilities through MPO, we are giving clients more control of their business and integration processes. This means a reduction in time, risk and resource burdens.”

“In a composable architecture, MPO brings the best-of-service technology partners together to help create a unique overall proposition with the Mambu banking engine at its core. It decreases the complexity and effort of building and maintaining the connectivity between them, giving clients the power to build fully-fledged apps and processes without deploying and maintaining any code,” he added.

Commenting on the significance of the launch, Eugene Danilkis, CEO, Mambu said: “MPO helps financial institutions match their need to deliver modern and market leading experiences, with their ability to integrate new technologies and services quickly, simply at lower risk. Faster and more effective integration and innovation cycles empower our clients to create the compelling customer experiences which differentiate them.”

Mambu Process Orchestrator is in early preview with select clients, with general availability in January 2019. MPO is based on patented technology, Corezoid, built by Middleware Inc. and is used by global institutions to service over 100 billion operations to date.

To learn more and view a demo click here.