Meniga (, a global leader in AI-powered digital banking solutions, today announces that it has expanded its business to the US, with a dedicated team appointed to drive sales operations by targeting the nation’s biggest banks and financial institutions.

The new US team – operating remotely before opening planned premises in New York in 2021 – will be headed up by North America Heads of Sales, Wim Van Lerberghe and Paul Renken, and has been established in response to increasing demand in the sector for digital solutions; a demand that has accelerated due to the pandemic and the need to help customers live better financial lives.

 Meniga’s suite of products will ensure that America’s traditional banks can future-proof and improve their offering to customers, against a growing number of challengers and technology giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, which are currently grabbing significant shares of the market.

Wim Van Lerberghe has more than two decades’ experience in international B2B financial services sales, with the past few years spent in the technology sector, particularly focussing on scaling fintechs in the US as co-founder of consultancy firm Advintro. Paul Renken, also a co-founder of Advintro, brings expertise in sales, strategy and business development from numerous top-level roles within the technology, financial services and investment banking sectors in the US.

With Wim and Paul establishing Meniga’s US footprint, the new office is currently running as a remote operation before the team grows out from physical premises based in New York in 2021.

By opening its doors to the US, Meniga is now consolidating its global market presence, with over 165 banking partners across more than 30 countries, and offices in London (its HQ), Reykjavik, Stockholm, Warsaw, Barcelona and Singapore.

In Europe, Meniga has established itself as the market leader for banking incumbents looking to remain competitive in the era of challenger banks, having developed digital tools for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, such as UniCredit and Santander. Since entering the Southeast Asian market in 2019, it has successfully launched some of the most popular banking apps in the region, for the likes of Singaporean multinational banking group, UOB. To date, Meniga has enhanced the digital banking experience of over 90 million end-users from all corners of the world.

 Paul Renken, North America Head of Sales, comments: “In this era of rapid digitalization, Meniga has established itself as the market leader for upholding, and increasing, the competitiveness of banks in the European market. Since expanding into the Southeast Asian market just last year, we’ve also been instrumental in getting some of the area’s most popular banking apps to market. By opening up to the US, we’re going to be leading the charge here too.

 “We see banks as the bastions of the customer, designed to protect and manage assets, particularly during such a financially unstable climate. However, in order to remain competitive this means they also need to move, and digitalize, with the times. With Meniga’s technology and expertise, banks all across The States will be able to achieve this; creating a customer experience that is intuitive and seamless as well as secure and reliable.”

Georg Ludviksson, CEO and co-founder of Meniga, said: “In the current economic climate, it is crucial that Americans are getting the support they need from their banks, and help with the management of their personal finances. But if the bank fails to respond with anything but an efficient and enjoyable user experience, those customers will go elsewhere.

“Meniga created the digital standard for banks in Europe, with our banking partners now proudly leading the way when it comes to personalized services and customer engagement. We know that the unrivalled expertise and local market insight brought by Wim and Paul will allow us to fully export our technology to the US, granting American banking partners access to cutting-edge digital products and apps that their customers will love to use every day.”


What Meniga offers

Meniga’s product offering includes AI-powered personal finance management solutions, automated real-time notifications, predictive analytics and personalised engagement technologies, card-linked offers, consumer data analytics and transaction-based carbon insights. Its solutions are all designed to help banks leverage data to offer more personalized and engaging services, and increase revenue through their digital channels.

The personal and business finance management solutions, which are directly integrated into a bank’s digital properties (such as internet banking or mobile apps), use data aggregation technologies to consolidate a bank’s legacy systems, account data and transaction data into a single repository, before enriching and categorizing the data. Ultimately, this data is subsequently used to deliver an engaging and insightful digital banking experience, through a number of features including spending reports, automated budgeting, personalized nudges, savings challenges and personalized cashback rewards.

The cashback rewards platform, which is one of Meniga’s most popular solutions, enables consumers to earn personalized, card-linked rewards, discounts and cashbacks, while offering retail brands a unique way of communicating relevant offers to customers, and allowing banks to generate a new source of revenue.

Last year, Meniga announced a collaboration with UN Climate Change to allow consumers to seamlessly donate cashback earned through the Rewards app towards the fight against climate change. Similarly, another solution which is proof of Meniga’s commitment to sustainability and the value of social responsibility is the ‘Carbon Insights’ feature, which allows a bank’s app users to track the carbon emissions that result from their spending, whilst providing banks with a more engaging platform and robust CSR strategy.


About Meniga

Founded in 2009 by Georg Ludviksson, Asgeir Asgeirsson and Viggo Asgeirsson, Meniga is a global leader in white-label digital banking solutions. Servicing some of the world’s largest financial institutions, the company’s award-winning products reach over 90 million digital banking users across 30 countries. Meniga’s offices are located in London (HQ), Reykjavik, Stockholm, Warsaw, Barcelona, and Singapore.


Microblink’s Head of Marketing Nina Šuljak is interviewed by The Fintech Power 50 Christophe Langlois at Finovate Europe 2019. They talked about identity onboarding, on device processing and augmented reality.

Microblink LogoMicroblink is an R&D company developing proprietary computer vision technology optimised for realtime processing on mobile devices. Advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques are used to process the fastest and the most accurate text recognition locally on a mobile device.

The Fintech Power 50 team came in numbers to promote our fintech collective, distribute our annual guide and interview a broad range of innovative demoing companies at Finovate Europe 2019 in London. Christophe Langlois, the CMO of the Fintech Power 50, caught up with Microblink’s Head of Marketing Nina Šuljak.

Microblink Interview at Finovate Europe 2019

We invite you to watch the short video Christophe shot on the floor at Finovate Europe 2019 with Nina Šuljak

 To make it even easier for you to watch the video, we invite you to click on any of the time stamps below:

  1. The Demo
  2. About Microblink
  3. Why Finovate
  4. Key challenges for Microblink in 2019

Become a The Fintech Power 50 Member

We thrive to help the best fintech companies on the market to drive their brand awareness and accelerate their growth all over the world. Each year, our carefully selected cohort of 40 fintech firms and 10 influencers will benefit from the inclusion in our annual guide which is available online and distributed all over the world via our 40+ media partnerships with the likes of Money 20/20 and Finovate.

We will also help them to exhibit at those events in a more cost-effective fashion and connect them with the trusted network of contacts in the global financial services industry our co-founders and CMO have built over the last 20 years. Those were the nominees for our inaugural 2018-2019 cohort. We will open this year’s nomination process very shortly, but if you believe your company oughts to join our fintech collective for 2019-2020, we invite you to contact us today!

It was a real pleasure to interview Microblink Nina Šuljak at Finovate Europe 2019. I was most impressed how fast their scanning technology works and their focus on security via on device data processing.

What are YOUR VIEWS on Microblink and Finovate Europe 2019? We invite you to leave a comment below, tweet us or connect on LinkedIn.    

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