Last April LATTICE80 , released our first Top 100 Women In Fintech, and this year, they are back with a refreshed list for you for the year 2019. Their effort reflects there commitment to female empowerment and thus focus on identifying the top leaders in Fintech globally.  

Women continue to be underrepresented in both the financial services and tech industries. It is no wonder that female leadership in Fintech, a field at the intersection of both industries, remains wanting. Diversity is a cornerstone of successful organisations especially in these day and age where businesses are globalised, and gender diversity is undoubtedly an important aspect of it.

In coming up with this rendition of the Top 100 Women in Fintech list, we took care to provide a fair representation of women across different geographies and the roles they play in the Fintech ecosystem.

Key Highlights from the list

  • The 5 cities which saw the most number of female Fintech leaders in our list this year was: London (17), Hong Kong (12), New York (10), Singapore (8), and San Francisco (8)
  • 44 women hold key management positions in Fintech and Blockchain startups; 26 spearhead efforts in enablers such as accelerators, government agencies, support communities, or research institutes; 20 are from corporates; and 10 are Fintech or Blockchain focused investors
  • Also, 34 women on our list last year are on our list again for 2019

By showcasing and highlighting these ladies and their achievements, we also hope to inspire more women to increase their participation in building the global Fintech community into a more vibrant one.

A very warm congratulations to all ladies nominated!

LATTICE80 remains committed to recognising and advancing the contribution of female leaders as a global community partner to the financial technology industry and its sub-categories like blockchain, insurance, lending, personal finance.

This report was done in collaboration with Miss Kaya – a lifestyle driven financial platform for the modern woman – led by Gina Heng has been to ensure that the leaders identified are some of the best inspiration for the next generation of women in Fintech. Miss Kaya was created upon realising the remissness of platforms understanding and attending to the financial needs of women.

Disclaimer: The list has been arranged in alphabetical and not in rank. Also, in case you think we have missed someone or wish to suggest a correction, please drop us a line on

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