Lawerence Wintermeyer

Lawerence Wintermeyer

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Digital finance advocate, NPO board member,  Public Speaker and Co-founder of Global Digital Finance



Top Topics:


My core practice specialties include:
– Digital strategy and execution
– Alternative asset management
– Big data, machine learning and analytics
– Accelerated proposition and venture development
– Open innovation and community building
– Public policy and regulatory advocacy
– Sustainable and impact investing.


Lawrence is a globally recognised digital finance advocate and has over 25 years’ experience as an advisor, executive and board member working with companies from start-ups to global brands in the financial services, TMT and energy sectors. He is the former CEO of Innovate Finance, the UK FinTech members association, and a Co-founder of Global Digital Finance, a not for-profit promoting fair and transparent markets for digital and crypto assets. He works in the alternative investment sector with a focus on systematic investment management strategies, big data analytics, machine learning, and distributed ledger technologies.

Based in London, he is the Principal of Elipses, a digital advisory and investment management firm, has an MBA, and sits on several commercial, not-for-profit and charity boards. Lawrence promotes ethical and sustainable finance policies for a transparent, secure and quality digital future for everyone, and is a regular Forbes contributor.