Elevated Power Pitch is the gateway into learning more about key companies within the fintech industry and understanding how new ideas and opportunities arise.

Daniel De Wolf believes all company founders have a story to tell, but in order to communicate effectively the first step is connecting with investors, clients and partners in order to facilitate new ideas and grow their business.

This week we talk to the Co-Founder of Amplyfi, Ian Jones.

Episode Highlights:

00:30: What got Ian Jones to this point in his career?

01:43: What does amplify provide?


04: 018: The problems Amplyfi are trying to solve?


06:51: Insight into the current products available at Amplify?


11:06: How Amplify is penetrating the market?


15:54: Who is the spearhead of the company? Who is part of the growth before Amplify’s upcoming funding round?


18:15: Funding rationale: Why should investors invest in your business?


23:04: Why is talent so important for amplifying? Why being in Cardiff was initial ideal for growth within the business?


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