People in this 21st century have witnessed loads of changes due to advanced technological development. However, Group Futurista has brought in the opportunity by arranging an event where the brightest, as well as innovative minds from all the industries across the globe, can take part. It’s not only a platform for the business leaders but also it offers perfect solutions to the attendees. This summit helps one to learn how to accept and control the development of science and technology. The primary vision of Group Futurista is to sustain the growth of every sector by maintaining the balance of lives on this planet.

The recent event organized by this company was named ‘Future of Digital Onboarding and Customer Experience Summit 2019’ sponsored by some of the most innovative startups in the industry like Onfido, IDNow, Mobbeel, ID R&D, Temenos, Onespan, Equiniti, Docbyte, Daon, Kompany, Tech5 and Signicat. This event was held on 11th April and on 12th April it ended with a great impact on people. Today, people are more comfortable with different sorts of digital experience that they usually face in their every day’s life. Moreover, the advancement of Fintech has changed the perspective of the customers. Now, the customer’s journey is rapidly changing and all these are considered to be a fruitful result of technological advancement. Modern technology has covered 90% of places of life and somehow, all these advancements have made life easier and smoother than before.

Realizing the fact, Group Futurista called for the 2-day networking event on 11th April where people took part in the panel discussion and relevant case studies. It was a nice opportunity for start-ups, governments, and universities as well. These two days of the effective program has covered some of the critical issues. The discussion was all about how people are facing challenges due to technological advancements. The golden opportunity was provided to optimizing the best practices towards Digital Onboarding as well as Identity Management processes.

Day to day innovation has given birth to new creative products that are to be launched on the digital platform. Therefore, in their last event, Group Futurista has expressed the gravest concern for the banking sectors and institutions that offer financial services. Now, customers hardly visit a bank or financial institution as there are loads of options available online that helps them do all the works sitting at the chair. With the right adaption of digital transformation, banking, as usual, is becoming obsolete. In the panel discussion, the leaders have spoken for the authentication of online services. Well, the steps towards fraud management will help a website to gain more traffic.

Amongst the famous spoke person, some who must be named are – Alastair Cambell, Michael Freund, Kaiser Naseem, Ida Maria, Dorota Zimnoch, Gloria Sanchez, Liisa Kanniainen, Nadim Takchi, Alan Goode, and Viky Manaila and many others. However, with this great success, Futurista events is now looking forward to arranging some more discussions. The management is ready to encourage new ideas from people of diverse backgrounds.