Imburse’s CEO, Oliver Werneyer, is interviewed by The Fintech Power 50’s Christophe Langlois, at Finovate Europe 2019. They talked about modern payment ecosystem and IT culture.

Imburse is a Swiss-based fintech startup which “strives to create a world where the payer and payee do not have to be on the same payment technology to complete the transaction”.

The Fintech Power 50 team came in numbers to promote our fintech collective, distribute our annual guide and interview a broad range of innovative demoing companies at Finovate Europe 2019 in London.

Christophe Langlois, the CMO of the Fintech Power 50, caught up with their co-Founder and CEO Oliver Werneyer after meeting in person a few years back in Barcelona at another industry leading event. Oliver was then Innovation Manager at SwissRe.

Imburse Interview at Finovate Europe 2019

We invite you to watch the short video Christophe shot on the floor at Finovate Europe 2019 with Oliver Werneyer.


To make it even easier for you to watch the video, we invite you to click on any of the time stamps below:

  1. The demo
  2. About Imburse
  3. Why Finovate
  4. Key challenges for Imburse in 2019

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It was a real pleasure to interview Imburse’s CEO at Finovate Europe 2019. In our opinion, Imburse is one of the most promising fintech demoing companies in London this year, aiming to solve a real problem: the highly diverse and fragmented payment ecosystem creates a lot of friction in the global financial services industry.

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