Flybits Founder Hossein Rahnama is interviewed by The Fintech Power 50 Christophe Langlois at Finovate Europe 2019. They talked about AI, machine learning and intuitive user interface.

Logo Flybits FintechFlybits soars by merging scientific R&D with advanced creative thinking to deliver next-level customer experience solutions. Flybits’ mission is to apply the power of context to the digital world to create experiences that are as individualized as one would find in real life.

The Fintech Power 50 team came in numbers to promote our fintech collective, distribute our annual guide and interview a broad range of innovative demoing companies at Finovate Europe 2019 in London.

Christophe Langlois, the CMO of the Fintech Power 50, caught up with Flybits’ Founder Hossein Rahnama.

Flybits Interview at Finovate Europe 2019

We invite you to watch the short video Christophe shot on the floor at Finovate Europe 2019 with Hossein Rahnama.

To make it even easier for you to watch the video, we invite you to click on any of the time stamps below:

  1. The demo
  2. About Flybits
  3. Why Finovate
  4. Key challenges for Flybits in 2019

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It was a real pleasure to interview Flybits’ Founder Hossein Rahnama at Finovate Europe 2019. Their focus on creating digital experiences which matches, if not better experiences in real life is fascinating.

Their intuitive user interface seems able to get rid of the complexity of data science whilst focusing on use cases and driving both business and customer value.

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