Apply Financial, the specialist payments validation company, has announced a new strategic alliance with Cambridge Global Payments (“Cambridge”). Using Apply Financial’s Validate API, the deal will enhance Cambridge’s mission to expand into new markets by finding ingenious ways to provide their customers with superior cross-border payments solutions.

Cambridge has grown to become a leading provider of integrated B2B cross-border payment services and currency risk management solutions globally and has built a world-class operation renowned for innovative solutions and exemplary service. Validating payments at payment entry using, Validate API, will allow Cambridge to continue to thrive in an increasingly competitive market by providing their customers with an intuitive payment application.

With a network of over 145 currencies being paid cross-border to more than 200 countries, beneficiary account validation is key to Cambridge, to ensure that payments are not delayed or fail because of invalid account details. By integrating with Apply Financial’s Validate API, Cambridge now has a powerful service to validate beneficiary account details and extend its existing validation workflow, making payment processing and integration easier for customers and further enhancing the end-user experience.

While account detail validation dramatically improves Straight Through Payments (STP) rates over wire transfers and ACH payments, account detail validation has also become critical to the real-time payment initiation process with the rapid increase in ‘instant’ payment systems becoming available around the globe. Apply Financial’s APIs will help Cambridge and their customers improve STP rates, reduce frustration caused by payment delays and failures, and comply with the evolving regulatory requirements in the real-time landscape.

Corinne MacMillan, SVP Product Development, at Cambridge comments: “As Cambridge continues on our journey to modernize how we deliver payments on behalf of our customers, we found the Apply Financial suite of API’s for beneficiary account and routing validation to be the perfect complement to help realize our vision. We are excited about this first step which leverages their Validate API as it both creates a better UX experience for our customers, as well as drives internal operational efficiencies.”

Mark Bradbury, Founder and CEO, Apply Financial, comments: “Cambridge selected Validate API to replace their current provider as they saw Validate API as the next generation in global bank payment validation. Cambridge will use Validate API, to intuitively guide, validate and enrich international bank payments at payment entry, allowing Cambridge to add additional functionality for their customers and to improve their customer experience while making international payments.”

Apply Financial’s APIs are already live working seamlessly behind Cambridge’s payment screens with further enhancements planned in the coming weeks.