Fintech’s finest gathered at Metro Bank’s headquarters to celebrate the launch of the inaugural Fintech Power 50 print and digital publication.

The exclusive event, which was the first of its kind held in London, saw a dazzling evening kicked off with keynote speakers and insightful panel discussions, along with introductions from Jason Williams and Mark Walker, the Fintech Power 50 founders.

The Fintech Power 50 is an annual guide to those that are disrupting the fintech industry, and promotes partnerships and collaboration among those who are transforming financial services.

Handpicked from hundreds of applicants, the Fintech Power 50 members are the most influential, innovative and powerful figures in the Fintech industry, all playing leading roles in transforming financial services for the better.

On the evening, Ed Adshead-Grant, General Manager of Payments at Bottomline Technologies introduced Jim Marous of The Financial Brand to the stage for the keynote speech. He spoke first on the importance of change, taking risks, and how organisations must disrupt themselves in order to grow. He also spoke of the application of data for a better customer experience and the importance of businesses knowing their customers, who, it should be noted, are also embracing change and taking risks.

Phil Cantor of iGTB, took to the stage to introduce the panel of esteemed speakers, including Ruth Wandhofer, board member of LSEG, Georgia Steele-Matthews of PixelPin, Sarah Williams-Gardener of Starling Bank, and Katia Lang, CEO of The Fintech Times. The panellists shared their take on important issues in the fintech field to date, and looked to what the future holds for the industry:

  • Georgia Steele-Matthews took the mic to discuss the importance of challenging the authentication market and recognised the ‘buffet’ of emerging methods that are available yet unsuitable, particularly when used in silo. Georgia described the latest innovation in authentication; using pictures and personal memories in place of a password.
  • Following Georgia, Ruth Wandhofer discussed the growth and future of the fintech industry, including the variables that are influencing it. Crucially, that includes a geopolitical dimension, and the need for investment in global regulation to prevent companies from playing by different rules, particularly when it comes to privacy.
  • Sarah Williams-Gardener then talked about the importance of interpreting data. She went on to say that collaboration and change are key to Fintech’s ability to offer added value to their client base.
  • Following Sarah’s talk, Katia Lang discussed how start-up businesses are disrupting finance, and that the biggest need change for finance comes from the consumer. Katia also discussed how fintech is enabling more connected payment ecosystems and the seamless experience that provides the consumer.

Following the panel discussions and a Q&A session from the audience, the attendees of the event, which was sponsored by Bottomline Technologies, were offered a copy of the print publication, which is now also available to view digitally

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Fintech Power 50 founder, Jason Williams, said of the event: “The launch of the print edition of the Fintech Power 50 was a resounding success, and we are thrilled that the publication is now officially available. The event represents the start of the Power 50’s journey   and we look forward to seeing the publication distributed at all major fintech events globally, as well as at a bespoke series of Fintech Power50 events throughout 2019. We are delighted that the event echoed this mission, and offered a chance for fintech’s greatest to gather, share insights, build connections, and look to the future of fintech.”

Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman at B-Hive Europe one of the official partners, said “The evening truly showcased what the Fintech Power 50 is all about – innovative minds coming together and working on taking the future of fintech to the next level. We are looking forward to seeing where the year 2019 will take the Fintech Power 50 and B-Hive is proud to be a part of that exciting journey.”

Magdalena Krön, Head of Rise London and FinTech Platform Lead, said “Rise, created by Barclays, are excited to support the FinTech Power 50. We’re looking forward to explore the future of financial services  together with the movers and shakers that has been brought together as the Power 50. With a number of Rise Alumni companies already represented on the list we also hope to see many more companies in our network represented in the years to come.”