SME’s around the world have been poorly served when it comes to accessing payment services, FX hedging and financing by banks. In a 2019 study by Mastercard, most small firms believe that it takes too long for them to access funds from sales. With the majority of small businesses receiving revenue through cards, there is often a shortage while businesses wait for their funds to settle.

Even more concerning is that a third of these firms are turning to financing products to deal with delayed settlements. The study paints a bleak picture for SME’s, but thankfully things are now changing.

In 2020, financial institutions in the SME space will be able to provide their customers with services that traditionally only global institutions could offer to their largest corporate clients.

How? By building the first API based global transaction platform for SME’s that removes borders, makes it simple to expand globally and operate in local markets without the associated cost and complexity. Providing Financial Institutions with easy access to global payment services will help their SME customers optimise supply chains and better serve their clients.

Through its initial partnership with Ebury, Form3 will offer end customers access through their respective banks and fintech to Form3’s API-driven real-time platform. With simple customer onboarding, financial institutions can embed this capability into their existing customer channels and mobile apps.

Form3’s market leading API technology and payments expertise combined with Ebury’s global SME transaction service will ensure customers can access International Payments (pay in and pay out) FX (Spot and Fixed/Window Forward) and Trade Finance, settling in up to 130+ currencies globally. In addition, customers will be able to benefit from preferential payment and collection capability using the same API.

Even more exciting is that the API-driven, fully automated real-time global platform will be available for financial institutions to pilot early in 2020!

Interested in joining the pilot programme?
Fabrizio Zanollo,
Head of International Payments at Form3.