The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has granted two early loans of CHF 400’000 each to the Lausanne based startups SamanTree Medical and OneVisage. Since 1994, the FIT supported 168 high tech projects in western Switzerland with a total of more than CHF 33 million of financial support.

SamanTree Medical: Increase surgical success of cancer treatment SamanTree Medical proposes a breakthrough medical imaging innovation in the operating room, the “Histolog Scanner”, which allows to evaluate during surgery if a tumour is removed completely. The novel device aims at decreasing the need for a second operation and improving the patients’ quality of life. Founded in 2014, the EPFL spinoff has achieved promising clinical results thanks to its CE labelled product. SamanTree Medical is currently raising funds to develop commercial operations for the surgery market, starting with the treatment of breast cancer. For CEO and co-founder Bastien Rachet, “the support from the FIT is a strong acknowledgement of our technology potential for health professionals and patients. The funds will help us install several devices in clinical practices and accelerate our market entry”.
Contact: Bastien Rachet, CEO | | +41 21 625 09 40
Useful links: Picture of SamanTree Medical’s Histolog Scanner

OneVisage: Increase cyber security thanks to novel biometry solutions
OneVisage develops unique 3D facial biometry and 3D graphical authentication software solutions, which enable large financial services and cyber-security integrators to drastically reduce
cyber-frauds or identity thefts. The technology of OneVisage offers a higher security level than current pin-code authentication methods. It could well serve more than 3 billion mobile devices
users for the cost of a simple password-based product, without the need to remember or enter any security password or pin code. For the CEO of OneVisage Christophe Remillet, “the FIT loan will help us accelerate our growth at the international level and strengthen our business development team”. OneVisage is yet going live with its first customers. It is also discussing with strategic Swiss and European investors to scale-up.